Extension Overview

In October 2016, a Transport and Works Act Order application was submitted to extend the Metro line to Digbeth and serve the planned High Speed 2 (HS2) station at Curzon Street. This route will separate from the existing Midland Metro line at Bull Street.

The route is planned to consist of 1.7km of twin track running from Bull Street to a new terminus at High Street Deritend. The scheme includes four additional Metro stops serving the East of Birmingham City Centre.

The extension will service the Eastside regeneration area offering connections with New Street, Moor Street and Snow Hill Stations, in addition to the new HS2 station. The scheme also includes a new bus interchange adjacent to Clayton Hotel Birmingham to replace bus stops that will need to be removed due to Metro alignment and to provide an efficient bus, Sprint and coach interchange with HS2.

The headline benefits of this route are…

  • More people using the Metro in this area for day-to-day travel, resulting in journey time savings and reduced congestion
  • Providing new and improved public transport links for the East of Birmingham City Centre and Digbeth allowing easy travel between population, education and employment centres of the city
  • Connecting the HS2 station to the Metro network and maximising interchange opportunities with various modes of public transport including bus, train, sprint and coach
  • Regeneration across the area including the major developments throughout the area


What is the outline programme for delivery?

A decision on the application is expected in 2018, with the aim that passenger services would begin in 2022, ahead of the opening of the HS2 station at Curzon Street in 2026.


What service is expected to run on the extension?

  • Service frequency will be six minutes service during peak times with a 15 minute service off-peak.
  • Monday to Friday: 04:40 to 00:15
  • Saturday: 04:40 to 01:00
  • Sunday: 07:20 to 00:10 at 15 minute frequency


Frequently Asked Questions

Birmingham Eastside Extension Factsheet

Where will the Metro run from and to?

The Birmingham Eastside Extension will run from the Bull Street stop and serve the east of the city centre, including Digbeth.

Will the service offer connections to main areas in the city centre?

The tram extension to the east of Birmingham will have multiple benefits, including making it easier for those living and working in the east of the city to very quickly access the city centre adding economic benefits. Equally, fast and dependable public transport to the Curzon and Digbeth areas will aid the economic and social regeneration of this area.

I currently travel to work along the route the work will be taking place, how will this affect my journey?

We expect that during construction of the project there will be clearly signed diversion routes for road traffic where needed. Further details will be provided on this project page.

Will I be able to get this Metro from New Street Station?

When open for passenger service in 2023 (and when HS2 begins operating in 2026) the tramway in the east of the city will provide easy interchange with Curzon Street Station, Moor Street Station, Snow Hill Station, Five Ways Station and Birmingham New Street station via the tram network.

Where can I get more information on HS2?

Find out more about HS2 at https://hs2inbirmingham.commonplace.is/. The site provides information and updates on HS2 and the work happening in the local area.


TWAO Inquiry Documents

BEE/A1 Application Letter
BEE/A2 Planning Direction Application
BEE/A3 Concise Statement of Aims
BEE/A4 Estimate of Costs
BEE/A5 Funding Statement
BEE/A6 Declaration as to status of Applicant
BEE/A7 List Of Consents Permissions and Licenses
BEE/A8/1 Draft Order
BEE/A8/2 Updated Draft Order Revision 1 31/05/17 (clean and tracked versions)
BEE/A9 Explanatory Memorandum
BEE/A10 Report Detailing Consultation Undertaken
BEE/A11 Order Plans (Plans and Sections, Planning Direction, Traffic Regulation Order and Crown Land)
BEE/A12 Book of Reference
BEE/A13/1 Environmental Statement Volume 1 (Main Report)
BEE/A13/2 Environmental Statement Volume 2 Technical Appendices

BEE/A13/3 Environmental Statement Volume 3 (Non-Technical Summary)

The following documents were submitted post-application
BEE/A13/4 Update to Transport Assessment (22 Sept 2017)
BEE/A13/5 Update to Environmental Statement (5 Oct 2017)
BEE/A14 Updated Draft Order – clean version (17 Nov 2017) – original version BEE/A8
BEE/A15 Updated Draft Order – tracked changes version (21 Nov 2017) Shows changes made to Revision 1 of the Order which was submitted with WMCA Statement of Case 
BEE/A16 Updated sheet 1 of the Works and Land Plan BEE/A11 (Nov 2017)
BEE/A17 Updated information for Book of Reference BEE/A12 – extract (amended version 20 Nov 2017)
Full Updated version of the Book of Reference BEE/A12– clean version (21 Nov 2017)Shows addition of plots 47A and 48A
BEE/A18/2 Full Updated version of the Book of Reference BEE/A12 – track changes (21 Nov 2017) Shows the changes made to the version submitted with the application